Curt Breeding at the Mine Entrance     Red Jacket Mine Disaster Site

     Keen Mountain
     Buchanan County, Virginia


On Friday April 22, 1938 at 4:45 p.m., one of the worst disasters in Virginia mining history occurred at the Red Jacket Mine in Buchanan County.  45 men lost their lives that day.  It was the biggest disaster for 1938 in the entire United States.  Today not even a tiny marker or plaque commemorates the miners lost their lives.  In fact, the mouth of the mine will soon be covered over by material sliding down the mountain and lost forever. 

The ultimate goal of this effort is to see a memorial placed at Keen Mountain Park for the miners that lost their lives. 

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  Mine Site in 2003

  Newspaper Accounts of the April 22, 1938 Blast

  Listing of 45 Miners Killed in the Explosion

  Plans for a Red Jacket Miners Memorial at Keen Mt. Park

  History of the Red Jacket Coal Corporation

  Photographs from 1938 Explosion


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