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 In 2001, Michelle and I got into birding as a hobby.  After a couple of birding trips we were hooked and now carry our binoculars everywhere.  We had always been hikers and loved the outdoors so this was a natural progression for us.   You can find us out hiking and birding almost every weekend.  

In 2002 we helped form a bird watching club in Buchanan County, Virginia.  Our love of nature has led us to make three birding trips out West, one to Florida and two pelagic trips (links below).    We recently moved to Kentucky and are starting to learn the local birding and hiking spots in the Lexington area. 

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"Chance favors the trained mind".....Louis Pasteur

On Top of Half Dome - Yosemite Nat. Park

Here are some narratives and video links to our birding trips out West and to Florida.  The picture to the right is us after our climb up Half Dome in Yosemite.

     Western Birding Trip - July 3-24, 2002  {Multi-page with pictures}
    Western Birding Trip - July 3-24, 2002  {Short Version}

     Texas 2004 Birding Trip Write-up
     Texas 2004 Pbase Site Pictures
     Texas Trip Video  Video #1  Video #2  Video #3  Video #4  Video #5

     Florida 2006 Birding Trip
     Florida 2006 Pbase Site Pictures

     Florida Trip Video  Video #1  Video #2  Video #3  Video #4

     Interesting Finds:

     Michelle finds rare Lawrence's Warbler in Virginia
     First record of Red Phalarope in western/mountains region of Virginia
     First record of Sabine's Gull in western/mountains region of Virginia

     Birding Related Videos Posted on Our YouTube Site:

     Black-Headed Nightingale-Thrush in Texas
     5,000 Chimney Swifts in Grundy High School Chimney
     Long-billed Curlew near Virginia/Kentucky border
     Birds of the Breaks Park - VA/KY Border / Presented at 2006 VSO Annual Meeting
     Partially Leucistic White-throated Sparrow - December 2007

     Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge - Thousands of Sandhill Cranes
     Weir Dam - South Holston River - Dec. 2005
     Burke's Garden - Highest Valley in Virginia - Golden Eagles
     Sabine's Gull - South Holston Lake - September 2003

     Texas Trip Videos:      Video #1  Video #2  Video #3  Video #4  Video #5
     Florida Trip Videos:    Video #1  Video #2  Video #3  Video #4

In 2006, our club in Buchanan County hosted the Virginia Society of Ornithology Annual meeting at the Breaks Interstate Park along the Virginia/Kentucky Border.  It was a great success with 141 birders attending and 117 species noted, including 29 species of wood warbler.  Don Kroodsma, author of the Singing Life of Birds, was our guest speaker and also led birding hikes during the weekend.

     VSO 2006 Annual Meeting Page
     Original web site I created for registration and promotion of event
     Ed Talbott Pbase Site of pictures from VSO Weekend
     Roger Mayhorn Pbase site of pictures from VSO Weekend

     Miscellaneous Trip Write-ups and Pictures:

The vast majority of the pictures I've taken in the past five years of birding trips can be found on my Pbase Site (over 5,000 pics).  In addition, if you are interested in a particular area - such as butterflies, fungi, or herps - then you should visit the Flora and Fauna of Appalahia section that compiles pictures in these different areas.

I've also included a few older links from 2002-2003 that people may find interesting:
     Magee Marsh Warbler Weekend / Lake Eire, Ohio - May 2003
     VSO (Virgina Society of Ornithology) Pelagic Trip off Virginia Beach - November 2002
     Wrightsville Beach, NC - April 2003 / Razorbills
     Birding Above 5,000 and Below Zero - Mt. Rogers CBC 2003

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